About Us

Our story begins in 1868 when, with a little encouragement, George Baxter borrowed £100 from his relatives to open a small grocery shop in Fochabers, Scotland. From the beginning, he constantly encouraged himself and those around him to “be different, be better”, little guessing that those words would serve as inspiration to his great-grandchildren, over one hundred and thirty years later.

Taking advantage of the abundance of berries that grew in Fochabers, George’s wife Margaret began making jams and jellies in their store’s tiny back shop. Because her products were of such superb quality, it wasn’t long before they had won over the hearts of many, and the Baxters name began to spread.

In the generations that followed, our family has crafted a famous range of soups, each one boasting rich ingredients and superb homemade taste. Many of our most beloved recipes have withstood the tests of time, so you can still enjoy their traditional flavour in the comfort of your home. We’ve updated a few to give them a contemporary twist, but have always maintained our original promise to use only the best, most wholesome ingredients in all our products.

As you can see, much has changed since our family began making jams and jellies in a tiny back shop. But four generations later, a few things remain the same: our passion for delivering customers delicious homemade quality foods and our unwavering commitment to be different, be better.

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