The Baxters Collection

We are pleased to offer three unique ranges of Baxters soups.

Butternut Squash & Red Pepper Soup

Some recipes stand out to the taste of time. Take our Favourites soup range. This is our ever-popular collection of cookbook favourites, created from much-loved family recipes to provide a taste of the Baxters family kitchen. If you love the taste of homemade soups, you’ll love this range.

Lobster & Seafood Bisque

At Baxters, we believe there’s always time to indulge in something special. That’s why we crafted our line of ready to serve Luxury soups. Our most sophisticated recipes use the richest ingredients to create a flavor experience so good, it’ll make a regular day feel like a special occasion.

Sweet Potatoe & Chana Dahl Lentils

Every great meal begins with the finest ingredients, it’s how we decide what goes into our unique range of Deli Inspired soups. In keeping with the spirit of local delicatessens, our ingredients are free from any artificial colours, flavours or preservatives so that each one of our recipes serves up a truly delicious meal that’s ready in minutes.